Manage your home environment with your Nanny

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When you hire a nanny she will be a part of your family, day-to-day life eventually. Specially if she is a live-in nanny. On this circumstance it is very important to mange things with nanny to keep functioning your home environment otherwise it may affect your whole family daily life. There are lot of things to take account regarding this.

First you should explain to your nanny about the rules that she should follow during employed with your family. For example, you do not want your nanny to have access to your bedroom, your home office room and etc Have an open discussion with your nanny and be clear about the rules. You can enter to the agreement which contains details about nanny’s duties, rules to follow and other important facts. Tell in very detail on what you expect from her. Discuss her personal behavior and interests which may effect on your home environment and peaceful life of your family. Do not sound like you are trying to put extreme restrictions on her. Discuss things with her in friendly manner.  Ask your nanny on how she will handle child tantrum. Tell her to  concentrate on your child’s discipline but she should not be allowed to take any kind of physical punishment. Ensure with her what is acceptable and unacceptable things within the home or outside.

So after you made clear about all those things you have to keep going on your happy relationship with your nanny. Appreciate her good work whenever you can. If she is done something wrong help her to make it right. She is there for take care of your child. So be respectful. Now and again you may have the dinner together with your nanny and just talk friendly or invite to her and her family to your home for dinner. You can also ask her to join the family trip or just go out with her. Make her feels like she is important to your family and she is part of your family.

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