Why Nanny is best Option Than Day Care Center & How to Hire a Perfect nanny in Toronto

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Nowadays, number of the nannies in Toronto are increased, because of the huge number of busy parents. Many women interest to be a nanny to take care of children of busy parents and earn more money for their needs. However, these days the demand for daycare is going down; because, most of the parents are aware that nanny is better solution to care their child than day camp or daycare. Actually, having a nanny is more flexible for the parents. A nanny can give personal attention and care for the child than day care, and directly she can involve and help the child to improve the personalty skills and good behavior and the child will grow in his or her own environment.

The information technology has grown ultimately; therefore, everything has computerized and people can search and get any kind of information through the internet from their home, office or anywhere. Not only the information but nannies too can be found via online. You can find a perfect nanny from the online nanny service sites for your kid. Especially, if you want to hire a nanny in Toronto you just type in Google search engine “Nanny In Toronto”, it will show many referrals sites which are related to Toronto nannies. You can search with your postcode for quick search on those referral sites, that will give you huge number of nannies profiles.

Before you go through the internet to find a nanny, you have to list out all your requirements and what are the duties you are expecting from the nanny. First parents should know what type of nanny they need ( live-in, full time, part time, short term nanny or etc) then they have to check payment rate of the nanny. Parents can get this information by asking from other parents in the area who are having a nanny or simply search on internet and do small research as well. Also, do not forget to prepare the terms and conditions  (this should include details of preparing the breakfast for child, dress up the child, and etc) for the nanny job offer, along with the benefits that you can offer here etc.

Is Your Nanny Has This Qualities?

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Hiring a nanny has become very common now. It reveals that there are huge number of people who work as nannies. In this situation there may be good nannies and bad nannies also. So you have to find the best nanny from this group of nannies. Nanny has to take care of your children and make comfortable and happy them. To do this task nannies must have some qualities to get. First thing is she should have a good background. To ensure this you can do some background checks. Good personality is another quality that a nanny should have. Other than these two here I describe about most important qualities that a nanny should have.

She should have the ability to produce at least three references. Parents must call all the references she has given. Ask about her personality, her attitude towards children, is she has a good behavior? like those things. It is okay if she is just started working and have no references from previous employers. But there must be respectable references. You can ask about her character from them. If she has a good character, it is okay, but if she has a bad character there is a problem. Because your children may have bad personality in the future due to this person.

Nanny is the person who is working in your home. So she has to obey your orders and live under your rules in your home. If she does not like to follow your instructions she would not be the perfect match to work as a nanny for your family. Suppose your doctor banned some foods for your children, such as ice creams and cool drinks. You must tell your nanny to not to give them those foods, So she has to obey your order otherwise your children’s life is in danger. It is very important a nanny is willing to follow your instructions.

Next quality is, having common sense. If your nanny has no common sense, you and your family members will face many troubles in the future. It is better to look her common sense during the interview. You can ask about some situations and ask what she would do at such situations. Then you can decide that if she has common sense and quick thinking. These two things are more important than their level of education. So before hiring a nanny think about all these good qualities that she should have.

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Plan Your Nanny Hiring Process

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If you are thinking about where to start your nanny hiring process, you can start it by figuring out your budget and what you want from your nanny. You may want your nanny to live with your family, come on call, only for week-ends etc. Make a list of requirements that your nanny will have to do, such as taking your child to school, drive to classes, practices, do shopping for the child, do child’s laundry, preparing meals, helping with school homework and teaching etc. So when you make a list of these duties it is easy to get an idea about what kind of a person your should hire as your nanny.

The more nanny candidates you have, there is more chance to find your perfect nanny. You can find nannies by asking referrals from friends, putting an advertisement etc. But there is more efficient way. Why do not go for an online nanny referral service? They cost you less than nanny agencies and have huge number of candidates. Online nanny referral service, like weneedananny. ca have very detailed form filled by each nanny candidate. At the initial stage, everything you need to know about a candidate is there. So you can instantly get a good idea about a nanny by just going through that form. On the other hand these online nanny referral services have lot of nanny candidates with different skills, qualifications, experience, ages as well. Also a online nanny service can give you lot of candidates.

When you have prospective nannies you should arrange interviews with them. First it can be a phone interview, but after that two interviews are recommended. You may make nanny interview question list before the interview. It is not recommended to meet prospective nannies with your child at the first interview. Things to do at the first interview are checking each nannies references, question them to understand whether she is capable of doing the job or not, get to know about nannies background etc. After the first interview you can shortlist your prospective nanny list. Arrange a second interview with those prospective nannies. This time you can meet each nanny with your child and notice how they respond to each other. Also you can present a well detailed nanny agreement to candidates. To know who is your perfect nanny you can give last prospective nannies a trial run as well.

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How to use Online Service to Find a Nanny

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Nowadays both parents tend to work, that resulted the parents to keep on worrying about taking care of their child. If you are such parent and living in Toronto or any other cities, you do not have to worry about it. Because there are many online nanny services in  Toronto or other well-known cities willing to help you through nanny selection process. You may think it is not a good way to find the nanny.  But there are many places where you can get quality online services to find a nanny in Toronto. They will give you all the details that you need to know about your nanny and on the other hand you will have a plenty of nannies to choose from, in other words, usually such nanny services used to have huge number of nannies’ details on their databases. All you have to do is register with a site that offer good nanny services and let them know your requirements.

As soon as you register to a online nanny service you will have access to details of nannies on that website. You can find many experienced, qualified caregivers who are looking to work as a nanny. Do not forget to mention all  your requirements  & needs and be very clear on what you need. As soon as nannies see your post/requirement in the site and if they are happy to fulfill your needs/requirements as a nanny/child caregiver, they may apply for the job or may contact you.  At the same time, you may notice some good nannies on the site by browsing nannies’ profiles you can contact them easily. Few things to noted on selecting a perfect nanny.

Age may not be an important but caregiver should be reliable, trustworthy and should enjoy working with kids. Before hiring the nanny, arranging an interview would be great. Ask why does she prefer to be  a nanny? If her answer is not that  she is enjoying, time with children and love working with kids, you will have to check with another candidates. Prior to interview do some background research about her. Ask for police reports, employment history as a child caregiver  and educational qualifications. Check her knowledge on first-aid. Prepare some questions about what you need to know about your nanny on interview. Try to keep your children with you while interviewing and notice the reactions of nanny as well as your child. Talk about payments and availability of nanny. Hope my tips help you on getting your nanny, best of luck on hiring a nanny.

Important things to consider when selecting a nanny

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Nannies are one of the major choices that busy or employed parents make for taking care of their children. Selecting a nanny is bit of hard process, because you have to make sure that she is the right person to look after your child and the family, mainly if you are selecting live-in nannies. Giving the best care for your child is the main and the important priority that the parents should consider. You don’t want your child to be treated in a bad way, therefore you should select the best nanny possible in order to take care of your child.

Interviewing nannies before hiring is the best way to ensure that she is the right person for your child. When you post an advertisement in newspapers or anywhere to hire a nanny, you will get plenty of applicants applying for the job, so you have to be selective here and select the most suitable applicants and call them for an interview. Before selecting few applicants you should consider nannies with professional experience. After that you should get prepared for the interview, for this you have to make set of questions and ask the same set of questions from all the nannies that you have selected because you can easily compare the different answers that they give for each question. When asking the questions you have to ask deeper questions like child age related questions, by this you can get a clear idea about the knowledge of the nanny about different ages or growing stages of infants and children. You have to ask questions related to the discipline and should state your family rules and regulations clearly. Finally you have to have a clear idea about your expectations and you have to be clear on the responsibilities that they have to undertake.

If you have selected a certain candidate after the question round, you have to take the interview to a different stage. You have to check for references, the nanny you selected should have references from previous families that she worked with or other reputed people who can recommend her to be a  responsible child caregiver, and you have to run a background check of the person that you have selected like checking for a police report etc. If you have selected one or two candidates, just give them a trial period ans see whether they are fit for the position.

How to Find the Right Nanny for Your Child


Taking care of a child is not an easy job especially for working parents in Melbourne. Melbourne is a big city and working parents find very little time to take care of their child here, since they have to commute everyday for their work. Though it is very difficult to raise a child, child care is an extremely pleasing thing. This situation opens the door for nannies to take care of the children of busy parents. Apart from working parents, parents who want to go for a night out or some event also seek the help of nannies to take care of their children while they are away. Searching for nannies or nanny service providing agencies is not difficult today. With the help of internet you can search for them online, for an example if you are in need of a nanny in Melbourne, just type in Nanny Melbourne in the search box and you will see many options to choose from. But it is very important to choose a good nanny or nanny agency since it is a question of your child’s care

With the increasing risk of dealing with strangers and other issues in the society which makes it difficult to decide and figure out who is trustworthy to hire, it is getting a bit tricky. Melbourne nanny that you hire should be someone that you can easily trust. The internet has made the search process very easy now, and you do not have to get out of your house and search for them anymore. You just have to contact a nanny agency that works online and see what all they can do for your needs. Once you have given them all the details and make them aware of your needs, they will recommend few Melbourne nannies and you have to carefully verify their profiles, choose one after doing your part of verification and other things related to their payment and hours of work etc.

Finding a nanny may become more quicker with nanny agency or with help of any nanny directories which has huge amount of nannies details, usually nanny agencies recommend nannies after doing a thorough verification on their profiles. You can easily trust these agencies and be assured that the nanny you will be getting is a good citizen with clear background and good qualification in child care. When it comes to safety and care of your child you should be ready to spend a little extra as far as you are assured that you are getting a reliable and trustworthy service from your nanny.

Why to go for nannies but not to day care centers in Melbourne

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Increased number of busy parents in city like Melbourne widely opens door for Melbourne nannies, to take care of young kids and earn good income. Anyhow availability of day care centers in Melbourne reduce chances for nannies to earn more.  Day care centers explore more room for socialization, sharing and learning new vocabulary for children. However, there are disadvantages of using day care centers that creates comparatively less competition for nannies from day care centers. Some recent studies correlated increased behavior problems later in school and day center. In a day care center there are more than one kid taken care of, that may causes to get infection quickly from other kid. A nanny can give better personal attention to kid compare to day care. If parent is late kid can be shuffled to another caregiver and that may lead more issues for kid as he/she is under care of different caregivers. With nanny, this will not be an issue. A parent can find a nanny who accepts less pay than day care centers. Likewise there are many reasons to go for nanny over day care center.

Once parents decided to go for nanny, they have to understand on what are their needs, the duties that are expected to do by nanny, pay rate that can be affordable, extra benefits that can be given to nanny, terms & conditions of the job. Depending on the situation parents may be in need of a live-in nanny, full-time/part-time nanny,. Or etc. The expected duties may include prepare breakfast or help to prepare, dress up the child and take to school (by a vehicle or walk), take children back from school and help to have food, help child to do home work and do some learning activities (like football practice, swimming, library and etc) and etc. Parent can estimate current pay-rate by asking other parents in the area. As well as parent can consider extra benefits like offering home-made lunch or etc. Under terms and conditions, all should have to be detailed about the jobs, but not limited to dos and donts.

Due to development of technology many parents are happy to search for their nanny by online. There are various places parents can find their nanny online. The first most place they for is Google search engine and search like nanny Melbourne (if they are in Melbourne) and that results nannies in Melbourne. Other than that there are nanny directories available online that help to find a nanny near your postcode quickly with single click. Parents can post job on those directories and can expect more results/applicants as those directories used to have huge number of nannies. There are some such directories allow 7 days free trial and pay to communicate with nanny. By using those directories details like nanny’s references.