Important things to consider when selecting a nanny

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Nannies are one of the major choices that busy or employed parents make for taking care of their children. Selecting a nanny is bit of hard process, because you have to make sure that she is the right person to look after your child and the family, mainly if you are selecting live-in nannies. Giving the best care for your child is the main and the important priority that the parents should consider. You don’t want your child to be treated in a bad way, therefore you should select the best nanny possible in order to take care of your child.

Interviewing nannies before hiring is the best way to ensure that she is the right person for your child. When you post an advertisement in newspapers or anywhere to hire a nanny, you will get plenty of applicants applying for the job, so you have to be selective here and select the most suitable applicants and call them for an interview. Before selecting few applicants you should consider nannies with professional experience. After that you should get prepared for the interview, for this you have to make set of questions and ask the same set of questions from all the nannies that you have selected because you can easily compare the different answers that they give for each question. When asking the questions you have to ask deeper questions like child age related questions, by this you can get a clear idea about the knowledge of the nanny about different ages or growing stages of infants and children. You have to ask questions related to the discipline and should state your family rules and regulations clearly. Finally you have to have a clear idea about your expectations and you have to be clear on the responsibilities that they have to undertake.

If you have selected a certain candidate after the question round, you have to take the interview to a different stage. You have to check for references, the nanny you selected should have references from previous families that she worked with or other reputed people who can recommend her to be a  responsible child caregiver, and you have to run a background check of the person that you have selected like checking for a police report etc. If you have selected one or two candidates, just give them a trial period ans see whether they are fit for the position.


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