Steps in Getting Nanny Jobs in Brisbane


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Brisbane is the capital of Australian state Queensland and it is third most popular city in Australia. As it has decent amount of population babysitting jobs Brisbane is too have good demand as well as there are good amount of people who are willing to serve as a nanny or babysitter in Brisbane. In this article, lets discuss on what to be considered to become a successful Brisbane babysitter or nanny.

When searching a nanny jobs, the important thing to be considered at first point is, compatibility between family and nanny. These can be well discussed and addressed during nanny interviews. There are some steps that a nanny has to go through to get hired. On each step a nanny can learn more better about the job market and the expectations of families in his/her area, say Brisbane.

As first step a nanny Brisbane may look into online listings of jobs, there are various sources online, if you want to find listing, better to do Google to find. By looking at a listing of nanny jobs, a nanny can read about the job requirements of the parents, what are the “must do” or “should do” in the job listings and etc. This will give some ideas about the family and will help on take decision whether to go ahead with that listing or not. By reading the lists, nanny can find out number of children to be taken care of, number of required working hours, other terms and etc. Overall, by looking a listing, nanny can understand about the family whether they are easy-going or difficult to handle.

Nanny at Groovefest

Nanny at Groovefest (Photo credit: AvaJune)

If the job listing is impressive or if the requirements are okay to deal with, as next step  nanny can contact the parents (who placed the ads) over the website and clarify his/her questions about the job and requirements via website’s instant message or e-mail. You may ask about the ages of children, number of children and special needs of children and more other details about children at this position. (In case if all those details are not clearly stated in the advertisement for to hire a nanny.) During getting reply for the emails or instant messages, a nanny can easily understand about the family on how the answers are being replied, is there any forceful words used? Are the answers are in polite manner? Are the answers are rude? – these helps to determine whether to continue further with that Brisbane nanny jobs advertisement or not.

In case the email process go well, next step will be phone interview. At this point a nanny may want to know more details, like hours required to do the job, is there any specific hours in a day, duties to be completed (like cooking for children and or family,   cleaning up house, driving children to school or etc), more information about children and their current behaviors and personalities, discipline in children to be take care (or will the family look into this) and etc. By talking over phone, you can get more detailed information about the nanny job. If a nanny is ready to work for that family after the phone interview, the next phase is in-person interview.

Nanny can ask for appointment and attend an interview face to face with family and children whom the nanny is going to be taken care of. At this point nanny can observe about the family, how the parent treat nanny, how children behave in front of parents, and how children behave in front of nanny, how parents treat their children and etc. At this stage salary details, other terms and conditions too may be discussed, as well as a nanny may be asked for references to check with. If the things are still smooth a nanny may be hired for the family.

But some cases, there may not mutual agreement set for some terms and conditions, on such situations family may look for next candidate. Anyhow, attending interview will be a good for a nanny as she can learn a lot by so.

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