Hints to get a good nanny jobs Brisbane

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, Australia with 2.15 million population. It is most populated city in Queensland and third most populated city in Australia. As a result, the city has more working moms and dads who are in need of helping hand on taking care of their young kids. This creates demand for nanny jobs Brisbane. Due to rapid development of technology, it is easy to find nanny jobs in Brisbane by online. Let’s look into some tips for online nanny jobs seekers.

You can find huge number of websites that help you to find a nanny job specifically in your local city like Brisbane. Most of those sites do not require a fee or commission  on pay and those offer complete FREE services for nanny job seekers. What a nanny has to do is, create an account with them, set up/fill details, upload resume, photograph and etc. Many professional nanny websites that link nanny and parent do not show up/share contact details (like telephone number, addresses, email and etc) and/or other private details (like references details) on public. Such websites require to login and require the person to be registered as parent (these websites charge good amount of money from parents to get a nanny for them) to see details of nanny.

On the other hand, there are websites that places all contact details (specially telephone number, email) on public. So, anyone can see your details. That put risks for you, anyone can get your telephone number and do reverse look-up and find your current address, previous address, relative details, associate details and etc. That may lead to prank calls, unnecessary letters, strange visits and etc. But the chances are very less due to the reason that many reverse look up services require pay. Anyhow, you have to understand the risk of showing up your contact detail on public other than to your prospective client.

By now you understand that your potential employers can learn more about you by doing reverse look-up of your phone number and get to know details of you. At the same time if there is any phone number from your employer, you can do a reverse look-up and know more about your prospective employer that may help you on the job.

If you are called for a face-to-face interview, it is always better to take your friend or relative with you and it is important to inform presence of your friend to your interviewer. Your friend may wait on car or any coffee-bar on the near area. As well as give the address, phone number of home that you are going for interview, exact time of interview to someone in your family or any of your friends for safety.

Also keep a note on how the employer communicate with you, what they answered and not answered. If it is email, take printout at home and keep it in your home, if it is  call, do not forget to record the number from which you get the call.

Before accepting do not forget to have some chat with their former babysitter or nanny. That vies you more comfort level to work with. During the interview you may ask those to your interviewer. If there is no troubles interviewer always ready to give such details.

Hope all these hints are helpful for your nanny job hunt and get the best nanny jobs for your comfort. Best of luck with your career in child care.

Source : http://nannyjobsbrisbane.weebly.com/


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