Why to go for nannies but not to day care centers in Melbourne

Source : http://melbournenannie.weebly.com/

Increased number of busy parents in city like Melbourne widely opens door for Melbourne nannies, to take care of young kids and earn good income. Anyhow availability of day care centers in Melbourne reduce chances for nannies to earn more.  Day care centers explore more room for socialization, sharing and learning new vocabulary for children. However, there are disadvantages of using day care centers that creates comparatively less competition for nannies from day care centers. Some recent studies correlated increased behavior problems later in school and day center. In a day care center there are more than one kid taken care of, that may causes to get infection quickly from other kid. A nanny can give better personal attention to kid compare to day care. If parent is late kid can be shuffled to another caregiver and that may lead more issues for kid as he/she is under care of different caregivers. With nanny, this will not be an issue. A parent can find a nanny who accepts less pay than day care centers. Likewise there are many reasons to go for nanny over day care center.

Once parents decided to go for nanny, they have to understand on what are their needs, the duties that are expected to do by nanny, pay rate that can be affordable, extra benefits that can be given to nanny, terms & conditions of the job. Depending on the situation parents may be in need of a live-in nanny, full-time/part-time nanny,. Or etc. The expected duties may include prepare breakfast or help to prepare, dress up the child and take to school (by a vehicle or walk), take children back from school and help to have food, help child to do home work and do some learning activities (like football practice, swimming, library and etc) and etc. Parent can estimate current pay-rate by asking other parents in the area. As well as parent can consider extra benefits like offering home-made lunch or etc. Under terms and conditions, all should have to be detailed about the jobs, but not limited to dos and donts.

Due to development of technology many parents are happy to search for their nanny by online. There are various places parents can find their nanny online. The first most place they for is Google search engine and search like nanny Melbourne (if they are in Melbourne) and that results nannies in Melbourne. Other than that there are nanny directories available online that help to find a nanny near your postcode quickly with single click. Parents can post job on those directories and can expect more results/applicants as those directories used to have huge number of nannies. There are some such directories allow 7 days free trial and pay to communicate with nanny. By using those directories details like nanny’s references.


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