How to be a successful Nanny in Melbourne?

Melbourne is the capital of Australian state Victoria, the second most popular city in the country. It is often called as “Garden city” and it has population around 4.1 million (as per 2011 reports). It is one of the wealthiest city in the world. More crowd of the city is working people, in most cases both parents usually go to work. That puts the demand for Melbourne nannies to comparatively higher level. At the same time, supply of nanny jobs too seems to be higher. So, the demand and supply sides look like balanced. Anyhow, it is not easy to find a comfortable family to work as a nanny. Apart from that, being nanny is not an easy thing, it requires more skills and responsibilities. If you are looking for Melbourne nanny jobs, keep reading to know what to consider to become a successful nanny.

If you love to care children and love being with them, of course you are suitable person to be a nanny. If you are a college student or just looking for some other jobs but still you want to have some income, nanny jobs is better for you. Apart from source of income, you can be in touch with more families and young children that will give a positive impact on your among people in your area.

Being a babysitter is different than being a nanny. As a nanny you have more responsibilities than a babysitter. Taking responsibility is a key factor of developing your career as a nanny. You have been chosen to work as nanny to take care of the child’s safety, welfare and etc, it requires more commitment to the job. You are going to be with the child for long time and the child’s actions may reflect you as it get used with you, so you may have to be a role model for the child as well in every small things. For an example, wash hands before having your meals. Usually children follow up what others who often with them does. So, you should not forget that your attitude and behavior determines a child’s future and you have to be ready to take the full responsibility.

Usually, parents prefer to hire someone who has experiences as nanny, or someone with childcare background and degree, specially early stage child care or someone with childcare training. Apart from these, parents will look for your ability to take care of their child in a good way and they may look for someone who can be trusted and be with them for long term period.

Other than educational qualifications to become a nanny, you have to be mature enough to take decisions, that is taking responsibilities. It is really important, so you should be very clear on what to do when some unexpected things happen. Usually, if the nanny too a parent for his/her own child, so parents may be more comfortable and they may not worry too much as far as you cared your own child and you have the experiences on child care. Anyhow, if you are not a real parent, you may have to ask question yourself, “what I will do it this child is my own child” and act accordingly, in other words, you give unconditional love to that child when unexpected things happen, and save the child. You may get clear ideas on these as you get more experiences as a nanny.

During nanny interviews you have to ask questions and get clear answers about the parents’ exceptions and requirements. That helps you to understand the family and take decisions whether that family is comfortable to work with or not. Usually people go for nanny contract where the terms and conditions which both parties agree are clearly set out.

Even though almost all possible things are discussed during interviews and set out in the nanny contract, there may be new issues pop up as you work along. In such situations proper and clear communications with parents is one of the best method to get rid of issues. To avoid such issues, you may have a meeting with parents for once a week or once a month and communicate with them or you may ask support from other nannies or nanny support clubs around your area.

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