Steps to follow to get Nanny Jobs in Melbourne

Number of double income couples with kids in Melbourne, that is number of working parents, is increased day by day in Melbourne. It creates lack of time for parents to take care of child, guide the child in discipline, teach kids in doing school works and etc. That opens up (in other words “increase”) the demand for nanny jobs Melbourne. Even though Australia is one the English speaking country, these days cities like Melbourne are more populated with Asians who wants to improve their kids’ English. This kind of situation creates more demand for English nannies in Melbourne. Let’s focus on some tips to follow to get nanny jobs in city like Melbourne and earn good pay.

If you are looking for nanny job or babysitting job, the very initial step you should be following is, preparing your resume in professional manner. The best nanny resume may include the followings :
Name and contact details of nanny
Family background
Educational qualifications (Demonstrate in depth about child care courses, first-aid courses, cookery courses and other related courses that you had successfully completed or following at the moment)
Experience as a nanny or as a babysitter (If you are the eldest in your family and if you took care of your younger siblings – do not forget to say about it as well)
Why do you like to work with children?
References (Contact numbers, Email addresses, Physical addresses of your previous employers or some well reputed people in the society who know you very well)
Availability of police check document
Availability of driving license & Availability of vehicles
Are you registered with local child care center or any other child care related organizations, as a child care professional?

The next step on finding nanny jobs, is identifying on where to look for nanny jobs. There are lots of nanny agencies available online. You can find them using a single Google search. Specially, if you want to find nanny jobs in Melbourne, enter ‘ Nanny Jobs Melbourne ‘ would give you some list of nanny agencies or nanny job offers in Melbourne. Once you find them, you have to register with them to apply for nanny jobs available on their website. Please remember that you may not need to pay to get registered with the nanny agency’s website that links nannies with parents. Usually the employer (parents) used to pay some amount to get registered with. In case, if there are no established or reputed nanny agency can be found online, you may go for your local high streets and register with traditional nanny agencies. Otherwise, you may look for nanny jobs in your local news papers, magazines or say Melbourne Craiglist or other classified ad posting websites for nanny vacancies. The other best way is, spread by word of mouth, tell all the people that you are looking for a nanny job in the particular area. If you are more interested to become a nanny and if you have some funds with you to invest on getting a nanny job, you may have printed cards with your experiences as a nanny along with contact details and distribute to your friends, relatives, neighbors and etc, as well as you can give a short advertisement saying that you are looking for a nanny job (do not forget to advertise your experiences and qualifications) on local newspapers or magazines. By doing any of the above mentioned ways, you will be able to locate on where to find your prospective employer.

Once you find the place to apply for nanny jobs, and if you apply for nanny jobs, you may be called up for an interview, usually initial interviews are conducted via telephone or e-mail or using any other instant messengers (example : Skype video calls). If you give good impression to your prospective employer at initial interview, you may be invited for a face to face interview with the parents (employer)….. (read more on source article)


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