Complete List Of Hints To Get Nanny Jobs Sydney


Sydney, the capital of New South Wales state is one of the most popular city in the world with more population compare to other cities in Australia. Finding babysitting jobs Sydney is not a very hard thing because of there is more demand for nannies as far as Sydney has many working parents (double income families) another reason that makes getting a nanny job quicker is, Sydney has about one fifth of total Australia population. Even though there are more demand for nannies in Sydney, if you are willing to get a nanny job there, you should be well organized and ready to beat your competition and get the job offer. In this article, let’s discuss on how to do that?

Preparing your resume
As the very first step, you should prepare your resume in professional manner. In a professional resume, you have to include your most recent photograph (with a smile is better),  full name & contact details, educational qualifications (more in details about child care courses that you had completed or following, first aid courses, cookery courses, house keeping courses, child psychology  courses and etc), your working experience as a nanny (details of your previous work experience, if you look after your younger siblings, you may detail that as well), your passion towards child care, some comments on why do you choose to be a nanny & what motivates you of being a nanny, references from previous employers, references from reputed people from your local area and etc.

Where to find nanny jobs in Sydney
Once you are ready with your resume to apply for nanny job, the next question is, where to find the job? There are various methods to do so.

Word Of Mouth :
It is most powerful method to get a job, spread the word that you are looking for a nanny job, spread it among your friends, relatives and etc, you may use your social media accounts (like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and etc) to say so even. Your friends may refer you to their friends whom are in need of a nanny.

Registering with brick and stone nanny agencies :
You can find nanny agencies in high streets of Sydney or around your local area. You can get register with such an agency and they may help you to find your prospective employer. There are some agencies do it for free, on the other hand, some agencies may require some commissions from your pay (once you will get the job through them). Most of such agencies, usually do all kind of checks like verification checks, background checks and etc for their clients (i.e : your employer – parents).

Registering with online nanny agencies :
Due to development of technology you can find nanny agencies that operate online as well. Before register with such an agency, you have to look up for their physical address and make sure they are not fake and they are registered as nanny agency. These online nanny agencies too may follow up same procedures as ‘brick and stone’ agencies, but they may do it quickly due to the reason that they are operating online and everything can be organized quickly and easily. They may have instant messaging services which you can communicate with your prospective employers.

Online nanny directories :
There are various online nanny directories that has huge number of nanny job offers and list of nannies. You can find such one nanny directories in Sydney by searching on Google. Such directories just connect nannies with parents, they usually do not do all kind of verification checks, background checks for their clients. But parents may do very often. Usually, such directories are free to register with and even they do not charge commissions from your pay as well. You may simply find nanny directories in  Sydney by searching “nanny jobs Sydney” on Google or other related terms.

Local community boards, forums and other local areas :
You can post a note about your nanny service on your local community board, forums or local library. Other than these, you can leave your note on supermarkets (usually there are supermarkets place ads on ‘room for rent’ and etc, so they may not hesitate to help you as well), local private gym, park notice board and etc.

Invest few bucks for your marketing :
You can give advertisements on your local area magazines, newspapers, community magazines and etc. You may create a small visiting card and distribute it to your local area members with kids (it may take more effort, but conversion rates may be higher).

How to approach your prospective employer and how to face interviews :
If you are called for an interview in person or over email or telephone, you should  always ready to talk in pleasant and professional manner. You may learn such interview manners by reading articles online (use Google to find such articles). Specifically for nanny interview, do not forget to discuss the time that you are required to work, what you should do (duties), what you should not do, what are terms and conditions and etc. Do not forget, child care requires giving lots of kind, love, dedication, patience and commitments compare to other jobs & as a nanny, you will be a part of the child’s growth in terms of behavior as well which totally determines the child’s future.

Good luck to get the best nanny jobs or babysitting jobs.


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