Market yourselves to get babysitting jobs

Even though child care centers are there in Australia for several decades, these days babysitting jobs have more demand, due to increased number of working parents and more development in lifestyle. Babysitting jobs is the pool that is being used by unemployment people until they get a job, due to good earnings with this job. That creates lots of competition for full time babysitters. How a babysitter can face such high competition and get a babysitting job – Let’s discuss the marketing plan for a babysitter.

Word-of-mouth is one of the traditional and stilling well-working method to get more   jobs for you. Tell your friends, relatives and neighbors that you are ready to babysit and ask them to recommend you for their friends, neighbors, relatives or co-workers. Always go comparatively lower price than child care centers, that will open more jobs for you. May be there are people who are not happy with their current sitter or may not afford big payouts for babysitting which child care centers demand, or may be there are people who do not happy with their current sitters performance (the way that he/she babysits with) or etc. In such cases, you have more room.

Printing visiting cards with your details and experiences too may work well. You can go for low cost budget to print these cards or may make your own using your PC or PC on your local area library (If you are familiar with some software like Microsoft Word or etc, otherwise, you can get help from your friends to do so), take print outs, cut & paste those in small card-boards and make them look like visiting cards. Distribute those visiting cards people around your area. To distribute you can place your visiting cards to all homes in your area (like postman places letters and other ad-words people place their details to home), or you can go to crowded areas like shopping mall, cinema theater & etc, and distribute your visiting cards to people who come over there, specially for the people with kids and babies. Another places to place your visiting cards are your local area community board, library, local area coffee-shops, gyms, swimming pool, church board or etc.

Do not forget your local area nanny agencies, you can register with them, make sure you give you all contact details, most recent photograph (nice smiling one), your qualifications, experiences and other details. There are some agencies that may charge  you are percentage of hourly payment once you will get a job via that agency. There are some community magazines, newspapers which may accept ads on low cost or free. You can try to place ads on them as well. Of course, if such ad gives you back at least one client, one day or one evening babysitting would compensate your ads cost. Search on internet and get registered with online nanny directories which help to link nannies/babysitters with parents. Make sure you fill up your profile in professional manner and you have your all details there along with references. Most of such directories are free of charge and do not charge you once you will get a job on their site. So, it would be absolute a FREE way to get babysitting job.

Now lets see the things you should take into account after accepting a babysitting job. These questions/things-to-note will help you to do your babysitting perfectly.
Employers Address
Is there parking facilities available to park your vehicle (in case if you have a vehicle to drive to work)
What is the nearest train/tube station Or Bus-station (in case you use public transport)
What are the landmarks to cross-over to reach the house?
What is the working time?
Is the employer fixed with time or flexible? (If the parent is coming directly from office to home – it may be a fixed time, but in case, if parent attend party and come, it may be delaying sometimes)
What about child’s personalities?
Is there any special need required for any children?
Does the child has behavior issues?

Now you have some ideas on how to market yourselves to get a babysitting job as well as what should you know after accepting a job offer in order to give your best as a babysitter. Good luck.

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